Accounting Services

We provide a comprehensive range of general bookkeeping services to help you ensure accurate and timely accounting for your daily business activity and transactions, including:

  • Processing and managing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Reconciling general ledger accounts, bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • Processing and recording payroll, including coordinating with 3rd party payroll provider
  • Posting of monthly journal entries and accrual-basis entries

Outsourced CFO services

We provide outsourced CFO services to help you set and maintain proper accounting, which will allow you to better monitor, analyze and understand your business activity and maximize performance. Outsourced CFO services are specific to your businesses needs, but may include some of the following:

  • Implementation of accounting systems, including clean-up work
  • Creating proper accounting processes and policies
  • Reviewing general ledger activity
  • Reviewing work performed by others
  • Preparing monthly financial reports, including profit & loss statements and balance sheets
  • Evaluating overall financial performance and making strategic recommendations
  • Assisting in preparation for annual financial audits

Financial Coaching

Are you a small business owner who is just starting out? Are you ignoring and avoiding the financial side of your business? Do you know exactly how much money you are bringing in and spending on a monthly basis? Are you paying yourself monthly, and properly preparing for your yearly tax liability? If not, you’re not alone, and I can provide numerous services to help get you established and confident in the financial side of your business, including:

  • Implementation of your accounting systems
  • Appropriate legal entity structuring for tax purposes
  • Putting accounting policies and procedures in place
  • Training your staff and/or assistants to perform daily bookkeeping and reviewing their work
  • Tax planning
  • Projections and business plans